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The two had perfect teamwork from their long practised team battles. Han oversaw everything on the right, and Canute was in charge of everything on the left. The two evaded through both sides of the werewolf and attacked from its back side.


Octo observed his computer monitor closely. It wasn't possible to comprehend all the complicated data which the psychoframe output with a simple data bracelet.


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"It's easier said than done, in reality it's very hard to be patient. Only three people in Ark can endure a long conversation with him. Everyone is busy here."


Simon thought highly of himself and above the rest. It was not all for show though, because he was ranked first in all their classes.


The only time he struggled was during subjects related to psychic powers. He had been one of the slowest concerning development of psychic skills.

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The reason the drill instructors had continued to push them without end into despair had been for this very reason. They required strength necessary to endure through the worst of worst situations.


"I am aware. I'm not trying to take responsibility for my mistakes just now. It's just that I'm the best candidate for this role, so I had volunteered to do so. We don't have time to relax here. We will proceed with the military operation immediately. I will attack from behind the dimensional crack. You guys will distract them from the front with your guns. We will start the attack in fifteen minutes. The current time is 14:33. Move out."


"That's it. There is no need to fight a battle you can't win. We're not sports athletes. It's necessary to throw away our pride and honor from time to time. It's important to accept that an enemy is stronger than you. It's not necessary for you to become the strongest in any one skill. What you must do, is make the situation the most advantageous for yourself, and battle your opponent with your strongest weapon. This lesson applies to every battle. From time to time, you must give up in order to see the correct road forward. We will stop for today."


Han let out a breath after finishing the light run. The remaining members of his squad had also fully awoken from their drowsiness now. The heat and sweat from their bodies caused faint steam to evaporate into the air. Han looked to his squad and spoke.


"It seems you've forgotten, but today's battle is capture the flag. I don't have a reason to beat you today. I'll win as long as I don't lose against you."


Han said while observing Inspector Rue. His eyes gave off a chilling light. His eyes carried the eyes of a soldier who had experienced many hardships.


He already understood this survival game. One must advance, while others die out one by one. There was no meaningful story where everyone learns to co-exist.



The Elu mage had remained in hiding for the past ten years. It was cunning and careful. Yet, the Elu mage did not escape this dangerous situation and chose to remain near the dimensional crack.



Class D's dorm fell into a chilling silence. If there were no other volunteers, Sergeant Red would spend the night punishing everyone.


As Han stated, it had a horrible aim, and it was very unlikely that any of them would be hit. The fog of mystery which shrouded the enemy slowly cleared bit by bit.


The squad that Han led didn't have a single fatality. Objectively comparing the battle to past records, it was no different to a miracle itself. It would not have been strange for the whole squad to have been killed.

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