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"Of course. Do you think I would fight on equal grounds against a mere child? The rules are simple. If you make me kneel or fall on my butt, it will be your win."


Humans easily killed one another without hesitation. His peers which he shared meals with died one after another, and the youths gradually turned into murderers themselves. There wasn't a shred of noble justice or any form of morality.


He had incredibly high cheekbones and sported a five o'clock shadow, which gave him a sharp look. He was on the shorter side, but had a sturdy physical build. He had a boxer's physique.


The best troops were usually assigned to be the rangers of the team. The sweepers penalty was too steep, while defenders' solo efforts were usually unremarkable.


The existence he had only seen through photos and recordings. Human beings will reflexively stiffen in fear as if meeting their natural enemy.


'I'm shooting by guessing most of the time, but just knowing which direction to shoot gives me the upper hand. In a smoke field like this, it doesn't matter that the other squad is made up of elite marksmen.'

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It projected complete darkness. Soon, the lights flipped on showing a single Elu. There were many electrodes hooked all over the Elu's body. The researchers watched the Elu behind a glass window.


"Had it truly been a surprise attack from outside?" Han asked. Schwartz furrowed his brows.


Han struck the end of his spear into the ground and moved. He landed on his opponents back. He moved as fast and as light as a flying squirrel.


"He's already making his move. Did he want to become the squad leader that bad?"


"Dimitri, the shower facility is empty. Go wash before the other squads get here." Wuxiaworld for visiting.


"They've been killed brutally." Corporal Zhai tsked his tongue. He didn't look to be in the best mood.


'They're stronger than normal soldiers due to their psychic skills, body strengthening, and a higher standard of military training. The main problem right now is that their enemies don't consider psykers as humans. They are veteran assassins who are trained to kill psykers on sight. These youths, however have not fully hardened their hearts for this type of war.'



He holds a strong will to not run away from his responsibilities, nor does he try to blame others. Psychopaths are unable to emotionally connect with others to this degree.



Squad 13 was a popular topic of discussion amongst drill instructors. The thirteenth squad exceeded all of the drill instructors' expectations. It had been no different in this squad battle as well.


The werewolf was pushed back by the attack and smashed against the barricade. The barricade had many pointed wooden spikes, and it had lodged itself tightly onto the trap. It struggled to get out while blood dripped from its body.


Ark clearly knew the flaws of Kuro's personality for battle, but they didn't rush to force Kuro to change his personality.

  • Simon smiled hearing the sergeant's complement. Sergeant continued his words.
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