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Kuro maneuvered three airbeats at once. The rotor blades spun and floated off the ground. Now, he only needed to use his telekinesis to control their flight direction.


Han and the squad members saluted and made their way to the dorms. They moved all their personal belongings into their new room. The instructors that had completed the ceremony organized the finishing data into their data bracelets. Much new data were required to be entered into the system with the creation of a new squad. Their workload had increased exponentially.


Canute's eyes grew wide. All the guns were pointed at himself. It seemed like fireworks in his eyes. Dozens of bullets pierced through his body. The bullets ripped his body's flesh and muscles that the bones inside his body protruded out. His blood pooled on the floor.


The solution that had been mixed into their incubator had been from a dragon psychic core; they had diluted a dragon heart to create a highly potent psychic energy solution.


"Kato is at the hospital ward; he tried to commit suicide while you were away. It's a mystery if he'll ever recover," Jose said.


"The battle tactic name is called the moving bunker. I know it sounds childish, but I only thought of it now so don't laugh."

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"Third year is a place for psykers to train! Han does not meet the basic psychic requirements. He should remain in second year a little longer"


The priority at this moment, was to check Canute's condition. The squad members who managed to calm down helped to support the injured.


'But the enemy will not be able to aim properly if I am in the air vent. A bullet which had pierced through a steel frame would also be greatly weakened. It might be possible as long as I protect my head.'


A plane managed to squeeze through a wall of fire and penetrated into the inner island of Ark.


'Even without Canute, as long as I can recruit many members in my squad, our battle tactics will become dynamic. It will be good to recruit as many people as I can.'


Han patted his shoulder and asked. It seemed like a skirmish broke out at Dimitri's side as well.


Instructor Wei was pleased to see that Han still had some childishness remaining. He had always felt pity for the children of Ark.



Among those who had survived from the dimensional crack zone, the second years and squad leaders, had become greatly mentally disabled, and had not fully recovered yet.



The traitor leaked the whereabouts of Ark to the True Group military stronghold. In turn, the True Group decided to lead a frontal attack with their full force. Everything fit like a puzzle.


Light spilled out from the psychic crystal. The exact location did not matter, all the mage had to do was blow up the whole place.


The scouts have a bigger build than your average Elu tribe member. They were fully equipped with a shield, sword, and leather armor. They were Elu warriors. Han stopped his breath and aimed his gun. Their guns would sound out, but they had to attack first.

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